Monday, November 16, 2009

A few quiet days at home....

It's Monday night and I've been in Victoria since late Friday afternoon. I think for once it is actually setting in that this is my home. I don't know if I have been caught up in the hype or perhaps the stress of the move and job situation, but its finally setting it. Maybe its that I actually feel like I have spent more days in Victoria over the past month then in the months previous and that I finally can look forward to settling in with Chris here on the Island.

Tonight as I sit in our small, yet simple home.... I am blessed.

It's our fabulous, loving, church family that ministers to my heart and has welcomed us with open arms, the friends and those who have opened their hearts and homes to us, new dreams and challenges and the reminder we do not walk through any of them alone, and a urging sense of comfort and peace that has taken hold of my heart and allowed me to draw close to my heavenly Father.

As I am reminded of the process of our move to the Island, which started back in July , I can see God's hand through every step along the way. There is no doubt this is all apart of his plan, his provision, and his answers to many of my prayers no matter how big, small, or insignificant they may have seemed to me.

He truly is my provider and my portion.

I just love this video:

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